Time will never stand still with one of these top-caliber chronographs on your wrist.

It’s safe to assume that few of the 13,000 visitors to the recent 2006 International Luxury Watch Exhibition in Geneva were late to the event. After …

Luxury Watches

With the electric and digital breakthroughs of the 1970s and 1980s, many heralded the death of classic mechanical watches. Yet the legendary watchmakers, almost all of whom reside in Switzerland and not too far from Lake Geneva, have turned …

La Galerie Restaurant at Albertov- food review

La Galerie Restaurant- Where no expense has been spared with the food… or the setting.

“Albertov – where is that?” has been the general retort that I have received when eulogising about the new restaurant that I discovered at the

Mexican in Mala Strana

Perfect for a dressed-down business lunch or casual eveningmeet-up, Cantina, Prague’s first mexican restaurant, is still sending out fiesta-worthy fare.

Once upon a time, international dining was considered an oxymoron in Prague. Today, the city is home to a steadily …