Go Green Racers, Go!


Everyone gets it: Our highway-loving, gas-guzzling way of life is strangling the planet. We have to wean ourselves off fossil fuels, cut greenhouse gas emission levels and reduce our carbon footprints. However, do sustainable living habits mean we have to

Lamborghini Reventón Oh So Fast!

Lamborghini unveiled its Reventón coupe at the Frankfurt autoshow. The coupe draws its sleek design from fighter aircraft, even to its use of carbon fiber panels and the matte-black finish. Armed with a 12 cylinder engine, the coupe can accelerate …

Valentino Balboni: The Best Job In The World

Who ever thought that a drive with the parish priest could lead to a career test-driving exotic cars around the globe? Certainly not Valentino Balboni. The eighteen-year-old Italian was simply on his way to lunch at the home of the …

Car collecting: Aston Martin to BMW Z8

If you have enough spare time and money, car collecting can be a relaxing and fulfilling hobby with
an added bonus of investment.

Cars – whether classic old-timers or flashy sports models – top the wish-lists of many consumers, and …