La Galerie Restaurant at Albertov- food review

La Galerie Restaurant- Where no expense has been spared with the food… or the setting.

“Albertov – where is that?” has been the general retort that I have received when eulogising about the new restaurant that I discovered at the

Mexican in Mala Strana

Perfect for a dressed-down business lunch or casual eveningmeet-up, Cantina, Prague’s first mexican restaurant, is still sending out fiesta-worthy fare.

Once upon a time, international dining was considered an oxymoron in Prague. Today, the city is home to a steadily …

Power Breakfasts Prague Style

Movers and shakers get rolling –even before hitting the office

Before the phone starts ringing, the red-flagged emails flood in, the colleagues start pounding down the door with a litany of requests and demands; before the feeding frenzy of deals …

The Keys to the Cellar

always wondered what really goes on in a moravian wine cellar?

Moravia abounds in wine cellars and hospitable accommodation; and Czechs seem instinctively to know just where to go and what to do (or not) to capitalize on the benefits …


Will the harvest be good this year? Only Mother Nature knows

Wine lovers in the Czech Republic take heart! For the fourth year in a row, Moravian wine growers are looking forward to a fine harvest – if the warm …